“Readings are always accurate and right on!!! advice is honest and sincere. I trust her with my life because I know she wants the best for me. She tells it like it is!! Like it or not! I would be lost without her today!! love her!!”



“I have been reading with her over the past year. She has been amazing in predicting my future such as career change. Make sure you take notes of what she says during your reading with her as everything will play out in the end even though at the moment you might feel what she says is non-sense. Thank you so much for your guidance with me!”



“She knows me better than I know myself. During a very dark time in my life, she knew exactly what I needed to do to turn things around. I will be forever grateful!”



“What a blessing and pleasure it was to get my reading from her. The people she picked up on in my life and read about, she was right on!! I feel it was a blessing to come across A Best Love Psychic”

Natalie M

Denver, CO

“My boyfriend and I had a terrible break up, and I knew in my heart that he still loved me. We had been apart for nine months. Keri’s removed the negative within a couple of weeks! It was really fast and it worked! Thank You Keri’s!”

Joeann B

Phoenix, AZ

“I was in the middle of a divorce after being married to my husband for 8 years. All I felt was a dark cloud around me and so much distance. I knew in my heart that I loved him and he loved me too, but there were so many obstacles in the way. I came across Keri’s and she told me everything about my life without me saying a word. She not only put me at ease and cleared my mind, but she provided solutions to my problems. She changed my life with her spiritual work. It was fast and affordable.”

James & Rachel

Roswell, GA

“I’ve known Keri for 1 year all I could say she is heavenly gifted, I dont know were id be without her, Well where we’d be lol she’s the only psychic I trust and see ,I must say she is truley gifted you’ll see yourself.”